Songs My Enemy Taught Me
Joelle Taylor

Engaging and representing the voices of vulnerable women across the UK

Songs My Enemy Taught Me was a series of participatory workshops led by Joelle Taylor inspired by, and in turn inspiring, the creative process for her poetry collection of the same name.

The sessions worked with groups of vulnerable women across the UK, allowing opportunities for these women to create original poetry, tell their stories and find their voices. The poems they created form part of an online archive of women’s socio-political experiences - from sex work to single motherhood, seeking asylum to surviving rape.

Joelle's collection - reflecting her own experiences, but also inspired by these women's voices - was published in July 2017.  It was launched with celebratory events for workshop participants at major spoken word nights across the UK, giving workshop participants a stage alongside headline poets, and celebrating their work.

Image credit, above and banner:  Hayley Madden
These poems of witness are a reckoning, where the poet says - woman I am you, I see you, I feel you.
— Malika Booker

Images credit:  Hayley Madden

Images credit: Hayley Madden

Project credits

Poet and workshop facilitator: Joelle Taylor
Producer: Tom MacAndrew
Editor: Sabrina Mahfouz
Commissioning Editor: Anthony Anaxagorou