Operation: Blockdown
Shutdown Collective

Shutdown Collective is a group of creative, working-class women who use spoken word poetry to address issues affecting the lives of working-class youth today.

The collective was formed during Roundhouse’s Wax Lyrical programme for NEET young people and they continue to work with mentors Adam Kammerling and Joelle Taylor to develop their poetry and performance skills. I have worked with the collective to help some of them develop as young producers, and also to produce their latest show, Operation: Blockdown.

Operation: Blockdown

8 residents. 8 hours. Only one more day until the tower block is condemned.

Join the last remaining residents for this block’s last party. Watch as they rave their way into a new and uncertain age. Come and party to the end of their world!

“Last one to leave turn the lights off…”

Photo credit:  Out-Spoken

Past dates

15 June | LONDON, Roundhouse

Operation: Blockdown credits

Shutdown Collective are: Chloe Florence, Kaya, Aishwarya Mahajan, Kirk-ann Sushana Roberts, Sarah Okoh Boadi, Amma Osei, Abby Russell
Directors: Joelle Taylor and Adam Kammerling
Producer: Tom MacAndrew