Francesca Beard

A new collaborative work-in-progress about how memories are formed, lost and fabricated

All our memories are stored as stories, and yet we are our own unreliable narrators.

Confabulation refers to a disorder where certain people erase, edit or create memories to fit the story they tell about themselves. In fact, we all do this to a certain extent. Our sense of identity is built as much on what we choose to forget as what we remember. 

Developed from workshops with young children, artists, and elders, this project looks to create a collaborative, improvised spoken word theatre piece that explores our collective relationship with memory.

Photo credit: Suzi Corker Photography


Writer & Performer: Francesca Beard
Director & Dramaturg: Rob Watt
Producer: Tom MacAndrew
Developed with support from: Apples and Snakes, ARC Stockton and the Albany.