The Night Alphabet
Joelle Taylor

Representing and developing women's voices and stories 

Joelle Taylor's new project, The Night Alphabet, is based on her previous work on, Songs My Enemy Taught Me. It will continue to reflect the experiences and voices of vulnerable women; this time, doing so through the short story form.

As well as engaging vulnerable women women across the UK, the project will develop talented young female writers, offering them the chance to develop their work, perform, and lead their own peer-to-peer workshops.

The project will influence and feed the development of a collection of stories, to be published in early 2019. 

To submit your stories and experiences to the project, and to read the work of participants, visit

Image credit:  Out-Spoken

Image credit: Out-Spoken

Image credit:  Hayley Madden

Image credit: Hayley Madden

Project credits

Poet and workshop facilitator: Joelle Taylor
Producer: Tom MacAndrew